Are addictions good or bad ?

I am not quite sure. Or perhaps I know but I don't like the answer. I am pretty sure my own addictions are good at some point. Probably cause they're mine, right ? Well, Jess always said I am addicted to too many things. Jessica is smart and has good sense. She's my best friend. Maybe she's right. I planned to write her an e mail for ages now but the workaholic than I am doesn't take the time to do it. First withdrawal: I let my books for the whole afternoon yesterday and I called her. Emailing her would have been a better idea, or at least cheaper. Anyway. We talked a lot and she's right, I should give up some stuff. 4 years is fully enough to kill myself gradually. I can't live like that anymore.


The real question now is: Am I ready or not ? Should I say it out loud to make it official ? Or should I do it secretly and make an announcement when I am really over it ?

Jess told me I need time. I surely can't do it in one day or two. She advised me to put some order in my mind first (didn't really understand why). So this morning I went to the drugstore and I bought nicotine patches, chewing gums and the whole perfect set of the "new non smoking person". She was talking about cigaret, wasn't she ?

Hold on Jess you said "gradually"...
so I start with cigarets and then I'll see...

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