"Smoking prohibited" signs are now everywhere. Even French people took a stand a few months ago. But trust me it's easier to say than to do.
My cigaret and I we have so many memories together, we are in a happy, solid and lasting relationship. My second real relationship apart from my family. I started smoking when I was fifteen cause Jess's brother was smoking and was also very hot. But I found out he had a girlfriend so I quit. But tabacco is as powerful as an unruly lock you try to remove. I always had a reason, an excuse: the stress of my exams, the stress of the moving. And finally I stopped apologizing or even looking for excuses cause my cigaret and I we are in a couple and we like showing off around... is that bad ?


Smoking is not a failure nor a disease. I'd rather say you can find some advantages. I can flirt with a guy with the only power of my cigaret in Paris. We exchange numbers over a fag and "need a lighter ?" I am sexy with my cigaret cause at least I know what to do with my hands. I don't stand up like an idiot or cross my legs and arms the last virgin on the earth. I look cool. I won't deny cigaret kills, I know it but with all that second hand smoking I'll die sooner or later. I just wanna be sure I know what I'll die for. Plus, I am pretty sure that If I give enough money to the government, they'll reduce my taxes.

This is a strategy. Cigaret is all about strategy. For example, I always have 3 more minutes for break, cutie Matthieu smokes right in front of me and nobody gives me a roasting for chewing gum all the time. The other thing is than instead of eating when I am stressed; I smoke. The idea is than after the exams, for the last party of the year I am thinner than ever to fit in my new black dress.

Everybody around tells me to stop smoking and so on. I'll think about it. But you can break up a so much upon trust relationship like this one. My cigaret and I we comfort each other for years now. When I feel lonely and even the words can help it, I sit down on the porch and I have one of these moments with nobody else than my cigaret and I. And everytime I spit out the smoke and I try to expel my negatives thought to feel a little bit better...