Barbie wrestler girl

6 am: Saturday morning:

What is that fucking sound ? Is that the radio ? Who else could sing so loud at 6 am. I don't like mornings especially saturday morning. I said once to James I could run with him on saturday but I didn't expect him to take it seriously. Now, he insists on me to come every weekends. Lovely isn't it ? The only thing is I can spend time with him. I mean we may live together, I don't see him that much you know.

"Hi sunshine, sleep well ?" I ask when I entered the kitchen. "Better than you. Please a mirror, you look like a wrestler-girl" he replied. "Stop talking. Coffee. Thanks". I am still watchinh him as he buttered my toast reading the newspaper. "So, I said, any hookers you may consider ?". As he smiled at me, I hear a flush. Who's that ? "Bonjour Corey". Shit I forgot Barbie spent the weekend over. I can't stand her. She is a... anyway "Hey, I reply". I rarely make the effort to speak French to her. Why should I when she doesn't try to speak English ? I am not hungry anymore. I look at my toasts. My lovely buttered toasts. "Sleep well ?" she asked. Yes that's what she does, Barbie. She always tries to be nice with me cause she knows I hate her. Like that she's the victime when things don't work out between us and James is mad at me. She's good that little bitch. Why I don't like her, isn't it obvious ? "Actually yes. Better than you. You look like a wrestler-girl!" "Corey !!" "What !! I was just saying she was a bit pale that's all".


I felt way better after that. Even the running could not ruining that little moment of glory ! What a lovely day, don't you think !

Well I still have to talk to Baptiste...

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