Somehow I am proud than...

- I have a damn puertorican ass. I mean J-Lo has the same one so it can't be that bad.
- I've been elected "Best freak" when I was twelve at a summer camp.
- I am American. And French. And Puertoricaine. And Canadian. Some people are exotic what can I say.
- I've got a collection of purses: forty four, almost 45 (planning to have the new Bershka one for my birthday)
- Luke, the hottest freshmen in highschool dumped me twice.
- I can smoke twenty cigarets a day.
- I have the entire collection of Sex and the City.
- I can spend a week of salary in two hours of shopping.
- My room is a mess that nobody can understand but me.
- I cheated for my final maths exam in highschool.
- My french bank offered me 100 euro for my wedding after a computer mistake.
- My older brother is drunk faster than me
- I had only four boyfriends. I slept with two guys.
- I am not blond
- I never pay the subway in Paris
- I can perfectly cook buttered toasts.
- When Peter D. broke my nose in junior school and I didn't cry he said I was a real man !!!
- If I don't shave I could give my hairs for a wig.
- I ruined Barbie dress last new year. Beer and white don't match.
- Last year, everybody thought I had an affair with a married teacher of the university.
- I am the craziest in my family.

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