Birthdays and Christmas are the same: you can ask what you want the most. So my requests are...

A precised idea of what I'm heading to next year
Sleeping more than 5hours a night
A nice family walk along the Seine river eating chicks food
Free time to be able to write that e mail to my best mate Jessica
No jet lag to be able to phone anytime I want
Finding a solution for what is going to be a problem between Baptiste and I sooner or later
Thinking about my real feelings for Baptiste
Stop smoking. I am almost illegale in every country now
Having and pass my fucking exams
A return ticket. A pair of santiags. A jukebox
Talking to mum
A first Freshmen trip in highschool. A firecamp
I would rather like not lying to Cecile about her boyfriend's behavior since he is here
No more good memories. I am feeling nostalgic.
A chick lit book, funny and entertaining anything but Dickens or Zola
Time for myself
Going home
That people stop asking me what I am gonna do for my 22nd birthday