Funny how things seem clearer when it's written down. Not than I completely sorted things out (would be to easy) but I realized I've been a total cow with Baptiste. We spent the day together. We were cooking lunch together when Barbie and James woke up. I almost didn't feel jealous. But God, that girl is gorgeous, I must hate her, it's like a rule. Baptiste is not what we can call a cook but he tries so much you could actually say it's good or at least eatable. No really he bought a book and he's getting better. At least he didn't set the kitchen on fire so we're making progress. Anyway we cooked together and it was a lovely almost romantic moment. He talked to me about his childhood when he cooked with his mama and so on. I realized we never really talked about that. We've been talking about my sweet 16, James, the break up but I've never really actually got to know him better.
I even wanted to meet his parents (after he told me his father was listening to Johnny Cash and Pasty Cline) for about ten seconds... cause then I remembered I was still not so sure of my feelings and blablabla.
The four of us stayed at home for the whole afternoon (I mean look at that weather !). I've almost been nice to Barbie. No I wasn't actually. I meant to and then I saw her hair, her legs and I've been a total bitch with her. But she's kind of use to it now so it doesn't really matter.
After the first movie we watched, Baptiste wanted coffee and went to prepare it in the kitchen. I was with James all alone.
_ So things are going well with Baptiste ?
_ Of course they are, why you're asking ?
_ No reason, it's just Baptiste talked to me a while ago and he was worried about you two. So just checking.
_ Worried ? What do you mean worried ?
_ It's nothing, he just said he could feel you were not as much involved as him and than maybe you'll never be because...
_ What ? Because what ?
_ Cause he thinks you still loved me. I told him he was stupid and way too wrong. Corey, am wrong right ?

_ And here one for you, one for you and one for me.
_ Smells good. Did you put cinnamon ?
_ Course I know you love it.
_ You put cinnamon !!! But you don't like cinnamon.
_ Not but you do.
_ You put cinnamon in my coffee !!!


It seemed stupid I know but at that moment I realized I was a total cow !!!