Baptiste wants to introduce me to his parents. He told me a few weeks ago and I completely freaked out so I just kept the subject out of every conversations. But he text me this morning to plan a date. His mother is thrilled to make my acquaintance he said. That makes one of us.

I didn't answer yet of course.

You're kidding ??? Meet his parents, his perfect housewife french mommy. And what his father is doing again, he is a banker is that right ? I can have dinner with someone working in a bank. I hate bank. I mean I hate mine. Well that's not entirely true, the bank hates me. Long story, save it for later. Anyway, I said I had to check my schedule cause I am kind of busy with the exams and everything. So he called me: "you don't wanna meet my parents, do you ?" Boy that guy is so good (told you he was smart)! "of course I do honey, it is just I don't wanna be tired when I meet them, I want them to see the best of me and trust me if you could see me right now you'd know what I'm talking about" God I was inspired. "Well for that I should see you first and I don't so... anyway see you later babe".

What was that ? Baptiste has never been suspicious or whatever he is right now. what the hell was that ? Does he not believe me ? For God's sake I couldn't tell him I don't wanna meet his parents cause I am not sure of my feelings. Or that every morning I see James and wonder why we're not together anymore. Should I say that to him ? I don't think so. I hate lying, well I mean I know it's wrong (better !) but I am in the middle of a very deep reflection and I really don't know what I want...