I am a cow

Funny how things seem clearer when it's written down. Not than I completely sorted things out (would be to easy) but I realized I've been a total cow with Baptiste. We spent the day together. We were cooking lunch together when Barbie and James woke up. I almost didn't feel jealous. But God, that girl is gorgeous, I must hate her, it's like a rule. Baptiste is not what we can call a cook but he tries so much you could actually say it's good or at least eatable. No really he bought a book and he's getting better. At least he didn't set... [Lire la suite]
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Meet the parents

Baptiste wants to introduce me to his parents. He told me a few weeks ago and I completely freaked out so I just kept the subject out of every conversations. But he text me this morning to plan a date. His mother is thrilled to make my acquaintance he said. That makes one of us. I didn't answer yet of course. You're kidding ??? Meet his parents, his perfect housewife french mommy. And what his father is doing again, he is a banker is that right ? I can have dinner with someone working in a bank. I hate bank. I mean I hate mine.... [Lire la suite]
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Aidan or Big ?

Who said a rebound guy was a good and perfect solution ? I said fuck off to those people. That's the worse solution ever. Trust me. I met Baptiste when I came here this summer. He looks like Prince Charming (well maybe less handsome I must say). He is nice, great... whatever. But the only thing I think about is that "he is not him". What do I mean ? Isn't it clear ? He is not the one I've been looking for for years. The one I found and lost. For God's sake, I should stop torturing myself and enjoy the time with Baptiste.... [Lire la suite]
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