Somehow I am proud than...

- I have a damn puertorican ass. I mean J-Lo has the same one so it can't be that bad.- I've been elected "Best freak" when I was twelve at a summer camp.- I am American. And French. And Puertoricaine. And Canadian. Some people are exotic what can I say.- I've got a collection of purses: forty four, almost 45 (planning to have the new Bershka one for my birthday)- Luke, the hottest freshmen in highschool dumped me twice.- I can smoke twenty cigarets a day. - I have the entire collection of Sex and the City.- I can spend a... [Lire la suite]
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Barbie wrestler girl

6 am: Saturday morning:What is that fucking sound ? Is that the radio ? Who else could sing so loud at 6 am. I don't like mornings especially saturday morning. I said once to James I could run with him on saturday but I didn't expect him to take it seriously. Now, he insists on me to come every weekends. Lovely isn't it ? The only thing is I can spend time with him. I mean we may live together, I don't see him that much you know. "Hi sunshine, sleep well ?" I ask when I entered the kitchen. "Better than you. Please a... [Lire la suite]
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Are addictions good or bad ?

I am not quite sure. Or perhaps I know but I don't like the answer. I am pretty sure my own addictions are good at some point. Probably cause they're mine, right ? Well, Jess always said I am addicted to too many things. Jessica is smart and has good sense. She's my best friend. Maybe she's right. I planned to write her an e mail for ages now but the workaholic than I am doesn't take the time to do it. First withdrawal: I let my books for the whole afternoon yesterday and I called her. Emailing her would have been a better idea, or at... [Lire la suite]
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Meet the parents

Baptiste wants to introduce me to his parents. He told me a few weeks ago and I completely freaked out so I just kept the subject out of every conversations. But he text me this morning to plan a date. His mother is thrilled to make my acquaintance he said. That makes one of us. I didn't answer yet of course. You're kidding ??? Meet his parents, his perfect housewife french mommy. And what his father is doing again, he is a banker is that right ? I can have dinner with someone working in a bank. I hate bank. I mean I hate mine.... [Lire la suite]
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